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Snippets from the past....the poorly-appreciated Tunnara Museum in Mellieha, which owes its existence to the unflinching dedication and research of volunteers like Toni Valletta and his colleagues - the facade is in dire need of restoration works - lets hope that funds are made available for this by authorities before collapses occur...seen here in one of the photos is the last Padrun/Rais of the Tunnara (Gamri), before the Tunnara was discontinued in the early 1960's - I strongly recommend a visit to the place for those who have never visited before and who have no idea of what the Tunnara is all about - thanks Toni!

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Monday - Saturday

10:00 - 12:00

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On Saturday 16th January 2014, the Art Club 2000 welcomed 10 students from the University of Malta at the Tunnara Museum. Our volunteer, Tony Valletta gave an hour and half lecture explaining the rich history behind the Westreme Battery and the Tunnara Museum. We would like to thank Prof. Alan Deidun who has been brining university students to the Tunnara Museum for the past 5 years.

If interested  in organizing a trip to the Tunnara museum do not hesitate to contact either Mr Twanny Darmanin (99523774) or Mr Toni Valletta (99407704).